WoggWorks Kayaking Outfitters/ACA Kayak Instructors
We are experienced, trained and certified kayak instructors.  WoggWorks Kayaking is celebrating its 15th year.  Christy, Walt and the Woggs (people who are part of the WoggWorks community) are dedicated to assisting new kayakers in the fine art of double bladed paddling.
What’s behind our name?
Wogg Christy, a former Educator-Naturalist at Fontenelle Forest…was leading a summer camp group, along the South Feeder Stream Marsh, and she heard the Bull Frog calling out!….WOOGGG!!  Being a frog, Wogg, the frog, lives along and in the water for its home, keeps its skin moist, has food at its doorstep…of course, unless the water dries up.
Water is important for our lives too…quenches our thirst, cleanses, cools, refreshes, gives moisture to our bodies…but.as kayakers…we need water…it gives us a way to explore on the water, enjoy time together, exercise or to meditate, de-stress, let nature speak to us,  renew and lift our spirits.
WoggWorks Kayaking is 2018 Recipients of the National ACA J. Henry Rushton Award for exemplary leadership, service, and dedication to various aspects of paddle-sport. They are dedicated to assisting new kayakers in the fine art of double bladed paddling.
The J. Henry Rushton Award is presented annually to an organization or other group for outstanding achievements in advancing paddle-sport and the mission of the ACA.
Meet your Co-Owners-Instructors:
  • Christy is a 20+ year veteran of kayaking.  She is trained as a ACA (National American Canoe Association) Certified Recreational/Adaptive Instructor. Walt started her kayaking adventures on the Mississippi River, and has paddled on both salt and various fresh water lakes, rivers, and Great Lakes. 
  • Walt is a 35+ year veteran of kayaking – trained in both coastal and adaptive instruction.  He has many years kayaking in various types of waterways….white water, salt water surf, various fresh water lakes, rivers and Great Lakes. He enjoys flat water distance racing and designs/builds his own racing yaks. His most memorable paddling experience: kayaking with a sleepy alligator on the Bon Secour River in Alabama or kayaking amidst a pod of leaping dolphins on Mobile Bay. 
  • We have many Woggs who you will find join us, as volunteers on land or on the water…who are excellent kayak paddlers, racers, to those who enjoy observing wildlife or capturing photographs from on the water.
  • Wogg and Buggy-Eyed George, our Mascot frogs